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Maths Intent, Implementation & Impact

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Mr Crawshaw

Maths is led by Mr Crawshaw, one of our Year 6 teachers at Cross Lane and also the Computing leader in school. He is passionate about maths teaching and learning and led maths for 3 years at a school he previously worked at. 

Maths teaching has been going through exciting developments over the past 5 years with the mastery approach being adopted, embedded and developed in most schools, and especially here at Cross Lane.  The mastery approach is inspired by school systems in Hong Kong and China where attainment in mathematics is exceptional. Mr Crawshaw has been part of a Mastery Research Group and Embedding Mastery Group over the last few years to develop his expertise. 

As a Senior Leader, Mr Crawshaw manages maths across school ensuring that all children develop their fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills across all areas of the curriculum and work towards being confident mathematicians.

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