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Data Protection

Data Protection law in the UK is changing in May 2018.  Its called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The new regulation is about protecting people in the modern information age.  

It gives more control to individuals and more responsibilities to organisations which collect and hold your data.  THIS INCLUDES SCHOOL!

It affects everyone, inlcuding Staff, Parents, Children and Volunteers.

What will school be doing to prepare for GDPR?

  • Schools already have strict data protection policies
  • Data is kept secure and used appropriately
  • Much will stay the same, but with GDPR it will bring even better security and greater transparency
  • In many areas consent is not needed as schools have a duty to keep children safe and deliver a high standard of education
  • Parents are asked to provide their consent for many everyday activities at Cross Laner Primary School as part of our Pupil Information Record completed prior to any admission to our school. However further consent may be requested for specific activities in a clear manner and parents are allowed to remove their consent if they wish.

What data do we hold in school?

  • Student Education Data
  • Student Medical Data
  • Parent Data
  • Staff Employment Data
  • Staff Health Data
  • Safeguarding Data
  • Special Needs Data
  • Contracts with Suppliers
  • School Meals Data
  • CCTV

The School Governing Body

The School Governors take the lead in ensuring Data Protection legislation is followed in school.  They hold the school accountable and provide assurances that school is doing all it can to keep data safe.  The School Governors have appointed an external Data Protection Officer (DPO) who reports to the headteacher and governors regarding Data Protection.

Please contact admin@crosslane.calderdale.sch.uk in the first instance for data protection queries.


Your Rights

It is important that  you know your rights but remember that some rights are overridden by the necessity of key school functions.

  • Right to be informed - to know what, how, where, and for how long your data is used
  • Right of access - to be able to see and know what data is being held
  • Right to rectification - to fix any errors in the data held
  • Right to erasure - to choose to have the data erased
  • Right to restrict processing - to stop data being used for certain purposes
  • Right to data portability - to move a copy of the data elsewhere
  • Right to object - to complain about how your data is used
  • Rights related to automated decision making and profiling

Further Information

The Regulator in the UK is the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

There is lots of useful information on their website www.ico.org.uk  

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