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Online Safety

Online Safety Online safety is vitally important to ensure children stay safe whilst accessing the internet. The internet is essential in 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. As children move up through the school, their access to various  types of technology increases and using these types of technology safely is very important. The positives of the digital world overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives but children, schools and parents all need to be aware of  various online risks. 

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Aspects of Online Safety

Children can access the internet in a large variety of different ways inlcuding phones, tablets, computers, games consoles and even TVs where they can access apps, websites and games. You will find useful information in the links below which cover different aspects of online safety:

NSPCC: Virtual Reality Headsets

Keeping children safe when online gaming

Parents guide to vlogging and live streaming

Advice for parents - children using tablets

Advice for parents - children using phones

Advice for parents - children using laptops 

Advice for parents - children using games consoles

Advice for parents - children using smart speakers

Advice for parents - children using smart TVs

Digital Resilience

Just like teaching a child to ride a bike or cross the road, digital resilience is another way to highlight the need to help children cope with whatever the online world throws at them.

Internet Matters have created a number of age-specific handy guides and videos get you started.

Click on the images below to watch the accompanying videos and then view supporting leaflets below.

Video screenshot digital reslience what kind of parent are youVideo screenshot digital reslienceVideo screenshot digital reslience 11-13

Information for Parents

The internet offers children access to information, communication with their friends and opportunities for exploring the wider world.  Children get a lot of benefit from being online. 

However, they should have parental supervision and good advice to make sure their experiences are happy and safe.

Parents and carers need to be aware of problems that can arise, such as bullying and grooming, and know what to do.  

Children at Cross Lane are taught how to be SMART when they are online:

Internet Matters Parent Guides

Internet matters is an organisation run by experts who provide comprehensive and credible resources and information to parents which help keep children safe online. Cick here for a video with more information about internet matters. Here are some incredibly useful guides for parents which provide information on some very important aspects of online safety and guidance on how you can keep your child safe online.

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