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Community Walk: 9th July 2021

It takes a community to raise a child...

...come and take part in our sponsored community walk!


Now more than ever communities need to come together. Children, in particular, have experienced significant consequences of COVID-19, including periods of isolation, uncertainty and emotional change. Schools are working hard to amend the curriculum offer to meet the needs of the children, with many focusing on re-establishing relationships and prioritising personal and social development and emotional health and wellbeing. A common understanding here is that we must strive to proactively protect and nurture this next generation and raise awareness of the importance of wellness of our young ones. We do not want such lasting, severe effects to hinder the children’s future life chances or mental health.

You are cordially invited to partake in a new and exciting community project – an ambitious project that aims to bring the whole community together, following a significant period of lockdown and social restrictions, whilst raising awareness of positive mental health and wellbeing, particularly for our young people.

This is an organic event that has been initiated by the fantastic staff at the Song Bird Café in the centre of Elland, including Megan Connell (parent), and is strongly supported by our community school. We would be delighted if you, your family and/or your local business support our mission and come along! 

Along with a community walk, ending with a Summer Fayre in our school grounds, where local businesses can immerse themselves fully, the school will also be facilitating workshops for the children to engage with: workshops delivered by mindfulness and meditation practitioners, Yoga teachers and a key note, motivational speaker, Anthony Bennett, during the Summer Term.

Here, a range of topics, identified by school leaders, will be covered: positive/healthy relationships; peer pressure; online safety; self-esteem; positive body image; growth mindset; resilience; risk-taking and coping mechanisms for future change. 

The school has also secured Bee You Journals thanks to a very special local sponsor: N&S Delicate Designs. These journals, for our KS2 children, also promote positive mental health and wellbeing.


The Walk: Friday 9th July 2021, 10:30am (from the school field) - all welcome!

It is hoped that this community walk (approx. 30-45 minutes) will have longevity and become a key date in the diary each year. It is the perfect opportunity for a community to work together on a common goal to better equip the future success of our children and the community as a whole.

Furthermore, it provides all participants with the chance to enjoy the great outdoors again after unprecedented times; visit parts of the community they have never seen before; provide children with time away from distractions to talk to loved ones and have their voice heard; raise the profile of the local community and what it has to offer; highlight the necessity of working collaboratively to support one another through good and bad; gain a sense of belonging and togetherness and promote positive wellbeing and mindfulness.

Get involved: sponsor our children now!

Families, you have now received a sponsor form. Please rally round friends and family, adhering to government guidelines and restrictions, to collect your child's sponsors before the planned event. Family members welcome along, too!

ALL monies raised will be spent on providing your children with the afore mentioned inspirational workshops, focussing on their positive mental health and wellbeing.  

Local Businesses

We have been incredibly lucky to have secured interest from a range of local businesses (over 30!), who will support and attend the community walk, and who have kindly donated FANTASTIC prizes for our children's raffle. To find out more about them and purchase some treats for yourself, please visit their stalls at the Summer Fayre (Friday 9th July, from 1:15pm, on school grounds). 

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